Sowtech Espresso Machine Maker 3.5 Bar Review

Owning an espresso machine is a dream come true for coffee and espresso lovers. But we all know how much they cost and everyone cannot afford it. However, there is still nothing better than owning your espresso maker, right? Well, we have an affordable and epic option for you all. It is the Sowtech Espresso Machine Maker ! Look no further than this machine as it comes with all the features that any coffee and espresso lover would demand of, within a reasonable budget. You won’t regret investing in this one at all. Here is a quick review of this espresso maker cappuccino machine for you, to help you in making a pick.

Highlighted Key Features :

The Sowtech espresso maker cappuccino machine is very convenient and straightforward to use. It comes with a single knob that controls all of your espresso demands. No manuals or contractions are involved in the process, and you get a rich and fine espresso every day.

When it comes to espresso and coffee, everyone has their own needs. You can make your foam as you like, with this one. The frothing arm helps you in making the creamy froth, which brings the perfect taste to your latte and cappuccino. It comes with a 3.5 bar pressure, which lets you make 1-4 cups of coffee in a single run. 

The machine is built with stainless steel and has been designed in a compact style to save you a lot of space in the kitchen. It is lighter and smaller, which makes it easier to move around too. It also comes along with a washable and removable dip catcher, which keeps your space tidy and clean. The decanter is an easy-pour one and which has a dip free sprout, and it is definitely a good catch.

 At purchase, this one comes with a filter funnel, one carafe, one spoon, and one manual. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which makes it stand out, and you also get a quick refund and free replacement as well. You don’t need to have a hefty budget with this one! You can get a good cup of espresso every day, with just a little investment, and the taste is worth it too.

Things to Reconsider:

 It has a chemical smell for a while, it is not dangerous you can Clean the removable parts before you start and the smell goes away.


Making a decent cup of espresso at home is a delight with the Sowtech Espresso Machine. With just a simple knob turn, you get a tasty and rich cup of espresso, cappuccino, or even latte, within no time. Being user-friendly, well-designed, affordable, and compact, the Sowtech Espresso Machine is all you need to get if you have a limited budget. It doesn’t compromise on the taste, and that is what all coffee lovers want.

9.2 Total Score
Best Espresso Machine

Sowtech Espresso maker cappuccino machine is very convenient and straightforward to use.

  • It is very user-friendly; a quick and fast coffee making process makes it a wonderful option
  • It comes with all the settings that every daily espresso drinker might demand
  • It has been designed elegantly to meet your daily needs.
  • Great built-in quality with stainless steel and plastic
  • It has a chemical smell for a while
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